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I Love ゆ Newsletter No. 1 - March 2011

I Love ゆ Newsletter No. 1 - March 2011

In this newsletter:

1) Welcome and thanks!
2) Site updates.
3) News
4) This issue’s recommended spot.

1) Welcome and thanks!
Thank you all for subscribing to this little newsletter I hope that you’ll find the information inside useful and interesting. I’m trying to spend as much of my free time getting my reviews edited and up on the site and I thank you for your patience.

2) Site updates.
As of right now the Kobe city, Amagasaki city, and Nishinomiya city pages are online for a total of 64 reviews. The next group will be the rest of Hyogo prefecture, and once that is done I’ll be moving on to Osaka city.

4) News.
A new foot bath, Momiji No Aishyu (もみじの足湯), is opening up in front of Hankyu Minoh Station in Minoh city, Osaka. The grand opening is set for Sunday, March 27. The foot bath will be open from 10am till 4pm with longer hours on weekends, holidays and during the fall colors in November. It will be closed on Thursdays. The admission is set at ¥150 yen which includes an original hand towel.

PDF Press release from Hankyu [Japanese]:
Hankyu’s “Blog de Virtual Ekicho” has photos and more information [Japanese]:

4) This issue’s recommended spot.
Each issue I’ll be recommending a sento and for the first I’d like to recommend Kua Mukogawa. It’s a short walk from Hanshin Mukogawa station. The exterior appears to be a normal sento, but it’s a newly reformed one on the inside. Last year the entire bathing area was rebuilt. You’ll love their strong jet baths and the great outdoor hot spring bath. This is a real deal hot spring. Many places have nice simple hot springs that let them advertise as being a natural hot spring, but it doesn’t really matter either way as the experience is mostly in the tubs and the normal baths. Kua is different. When you see the brown calcium deposits all around the tub and the opaque brown mineral rich water thats filling it, you’ll know that this is truly a natural hot spring. The water is somewhat like that of Arima Onsen and for ¥410 you’re getting a great deal. So a perfect--but somewhat narrow--sento experience plus a great hot spring for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended.

The neighborhood surrounding Kua is also worth checking out. Hanshin Mukogawa station is unique for being built entirely on a bridge near the mouth of the Mukogawa River. The west exit, the one you’ll use to get to Kua puts you out in Nishinomiya city while the east exit provides access to Amagasaki city.

North of the train tracks about a ten minute walk is a great Japanese sweets shop called Saikaen 彩花苑 that sells Karinto manjyu かりんどう饅頭. These brown ball shaped manjyu are the best that I’ve ever had. Crunchy on the outside while soft and chewy on the inside. Worth checking out if your a manjyu fan.

Kua Mukogawa:
Saikaen homepage [in Japanese]:
Saikaen map:

Well, that’s it for No. 1.

Any comments or questions are always appreciated. 

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