Wednesday, April 1, 2009

#52 灘温泉 水道筋店 Nada Onsen Suidosuji

灘温泉 水道筋店
Nada Onsen Suidosuji


Hyogo-ken, Kobe-shi, Nada-ku


10 minute walk from Hankyu Oji-koen station. (阪急

Natural spring water. Sodium, bicarbonate, cloride spring with a neutral pH.

The first Thursday of March, June, November, and December.




Baths - ¥410

Baths and Sauna - ¥560


Nada Onsen Homepage


Heated well water, straight spring water, jet baths, electric bath, waterfall bath, rotenbro (outdoor bath)


Dry sauna with TV

  • Water Quality 4/5
    I love the water here it's cool, but it warms your inside. If you go into the luke warm bath with the straight spring water you're body will soon be covered in bubbles from the natural carbonation in the water. It's like bathing in metallic smelling San Pellegrino. One of the most relaxing baths ever.
  • Baths and Saunas 4/5
    The electric bath is just strong enough, the jets positioned well, the waterfall bath is nice and strong it's just perfect. The rotenbro, and other two spring water baths are well built with nice materials especially the heated spring water bath which has very nice shaped stone walls and benches.
  • Building Design 4/5
    The fixtures are pretty basic but there are some high points, the raised stone walkways for example.
  • Atmosphere-Other 4/5
    I love this place. There are lots of great signs promoting good manners which are fun to read. The chilled water in the changing room is a nice touch. But, and this is out of the control of the staff, its often too crowded. The straight spring water bath is like finding a place in a sardine can. If you go here when it's busy the water might not be as clean as it could be and you might have to wait to find a spot in your favorite bath. There's always a few gangsters here, but they typically are smiling and happy. I've had a few conversations with random people here and enjoyed them
  • Total 16/20
While this place is good anytime, I recommend going on a hot afternoon. The lukewarm straight spring water bath might be packed, but you'll know why when you get in.

There is a great old beer vending machine across from the onsen. They sell Asahi Black in cans which tastes great after a nice bath.

Parking in the lot next to the onsen is free if you get it validated inside.

They have two onsen in their group the smaller second one is near JR Rokkomichi station. I have reviewed it here

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onsen soaker said...

Hi David!
How are you? Wake uuup!!! Ofuro season has come.

BTW, I' m surprised to find a link to my Japanese blog on your Tokiwa Onsen page. (I stopped updating it at the end of last year and started new one in English)

Kiyo said...

Hello! I come to this site from "BOILED HUMANS" in Facebook. This NADA ONSEN was very near from my house that I had groen up. There is another Onsen in Rokko area too. The name of it is "Otomezuka Onsen". If you have chance, please try it!!

David said...

Thanks Kiyo,

Yea Otomezuka is nice, been there a few times.

I'm currently working on a new website where all of those onsen will be listed.

Pierre said...

I love Japanese culture, Japanese food and Japanese sauna bath. Unfortunately, this place is only in Japan. If this place existed in my country, I would love to come to this place for a sauna bath. Apparently, this is very interesting place to visit. And if one day I was on vacation in Japan, I would come to this place.

David said...

Hello Pierre. Please check out my updated site at for even more Japanese bathhouse info. I'm sure there are some hot springs near you if you look hard enough. Either way, I hope you can make it out to Japan sometime for some soaking.