Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#4-2 Arimafuji Onsen Hanayama no Yu 有馬富士温泉花山乃湯 Second Look

Arimafuji Onsen Hanayama no Yu  
(Second Look)

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Sanda-shi, Hyogo-ken

Shinki bus from Sanda station (JR or Shintetsu). Take bus #24 heading to 乙原バレイ

Natural spring water. Well temp 30.2C. pH 8.

every third Thursday of the month



Baths and Sauna - ¥600

Arimafuji Onsen Homepage

rotenbro, waterfall showers, deep and shallow normal bath, jet baths

Dry sauna with TV

  • Water Quality 4/5
    Great soft water in the normal baths leaves your skin slippery soft and the spring water in the
    rotenbro is just as clear and soft feeling
  • Baths and Saunas 5/5
    There are two different bathing areas that change from men to women each day. They have a wooden and stone motif. All of the wood looks fresh and alive while the stones show their age with grace. The tiles on the floor which have just enough grip yet feel smooth are great on your feet. The jets are all my favorite single or sunflower style direct streams.
  • Building Design 4/5
    As I said with the baths everything is really nice. It might not seem that way from the outside, and the golf driving range isn't the most beautiful thing, but inside everything seems right to me. It's not the biggest
    supersento and you might bump into someone on occasion. The sauna can fit 3~4 people max. Also soap from the showers pools up on the tiles and doesn't drain well.
  • Atmosphere-Other 4/5
    I had a great chat with some of the
    customers in the sento. Everyone there seemed happy and enjoying themselves. The view from the rotenbro is just a some rice fields and and some forested hills but it's quite refreshing. There always seems to be a nice cool breeze which helps make this place seem fresh. It's easy for me to stay for a while, but for those with kids they might get bored fast here. It's too peaceful.
  • Total 17/20


The bathing areas are different and they change daily.

There is a golf driving range in the same building as the
sento. They have club rentals if you want to hit a few balls.

I've only been here in the afternoon and I have to say that a lot of the appeal of this
onsen is how bright and refreshing it is in the afternoon. I cannot recommend more going there on a nice sunny day.

There is often a tent set up in the parking lot selling fruits and vegetables. I've gotten some great
mikan there and some very good and very cheap strawberries.

I originally reviewed this
sento on June 4, 2007 where I gave it a much lower score. What was I thinking!

The photo above is from the original review.


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